Commit 46bdbc6b authored by caleb miles's avatar caleb miles

Install `base` metapackage for CentOS 7 stemcells.

parent 2f51c7b6
"bosh-centos-6-os-image.tgz": "kkUYP.4sM_hdsn3Sfcr6ksahFpPgb2D8",
"bosh-centos-7-os-image.tgz": "0_zs2Y2A.QhW00r1tbb7Oa7XcMY3GdkW",
"bosh-centos-7-os-image.tgz": "uVRZSKujJb4zU2KrtAH.xVLly3agHc7M",
"bosh-ubuntu-trusty-os-image.tgz": "hdWMpoRhNlIYrwt61zt9Ix2mYln_hTys"
......@@ -160,6 +160,9 @@ CentOS 6.6 images have filename `bosh-centos-6-os-image.tgz`
CentOS 7 images have filename `bosh-centos-7-os-image.tgz`
* `uVRZSKujJb4zU2KrtAH.xVLly3agHc7M`
reinstall `base` metapackage to enable proper BOSH Director operation
* `0_zs2Y2A.QhW00r1tbb7Oa7XcMY3GdkW`
install net-tools for stemcell acceptance testing
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