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updated CHANGELOG with builds 2941 and 2922

parent 66a72689
## 2941
New Features:
* cpi: aws: Light stemcells can be booted in all regions [8d21386]
* stemcell: Bump OS images [5b7e612]
- reduce daily and weekly cron load
- randomize cron start times to reduce congestion
- remove unnecessary packages to make OS image smaller
* director: Made gateway a mandatory param for manual network subnets [1145448]
## 2922
New Features:
* cli: Ignore non-existent deployment in `delete deployment` cmd
to make CLI automation easier [dd6801e]
* cli: Add cloud config into to 'bosh deployments' output
to know if deployment is using latest cloud config [bcf1d4d]
* stemcell: ubuntu: Do not configure eth0 since the Agent
should configure networking during its start up [e481b4a]
* director: Flush DNS cache after modifying DNS records [2137b55]
* stemcell: Change rake tasks to start producting CentOS 7 stemcells [e5bceba]
* agent: Bump agent [752ff10]
- set permissions on config files
- more changes to network bootstrapping
## 2915
New Features:
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