Commit a4bd7a4f authored by Adam Roben's avatar Adam Roben

Fix `rbtrace --exec`

We set RUBYOPT using a path relative to the current file when execing a child
process. The file that contains this logic was moved in
d502dde9 but the relative path wasn't updated
at that time.
parent ac23a09d
......@@ -322,7 +322,7 @@ EOS
if opts[:exec_given]
tracee = fork{
ENV['RUBYOPT'] = "-r#{File.expand_path('../../lib/rbtrace',__FILE__)}"
ENV['RUBYOPT'] = "-r#{File.expand_path('../../rbtrace',__FILE__)}"
STDERR.puts "*** spawned child #{tracee}: #{opts[:exec].inspect[1..-2]}"
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