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Update changelog

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Version 2.0.0-beta3 (2012-XX-XX):
Version 2.0.0 (2015-XX-XX):
* Fix compilation with new versions of Spectrum 2 dependencies.
* Added support for multiple frontends - Slack frontend is the first one.
* Log errors related to backend spawning (Show proper log message for
example when path to backend binary is not found).
* Update buddies in database only when it's needed and do not execute
useless database statements.
* Send roster changes also when buddy's group change.
* Fixed bug when transport contact we in all groups.
* Answer to disco#info IQ with proper node (#206).
* Set SQLite3 as default database backend.
* Fixed disconnecting from server caused by sending VCard response
with bad "from" attribute.
* Added Munin plugin (Thanks to Askovpen).
* Added support for more admin_jid JIDs (Thanks to Askovpen).
* Fixed allowed_servers option.
* Show error in server-mode when server port is already used.
* Fixed bug when backend could freeze on exit.
* Options from config file can now be set also using command line like
--service.jid=domain.tld .
* Do not send password in IQ-get registration response.
* Added support for AdHoc commands.
* Do not store buddies with empty name in database.
* Improved MySQL storage backend performance.
* Do not handle error messages as normal ones.
* Added Munin script for Spectrum 2.
* Use utf-8 encoding as default for MySQL.
* Added a way to disable xhtml-im.
* Fix crash caused by two XMPP users using single PurpleAccount instance.
* Support for [registration] allowed_usernames.
* Fixed compilation with boost-1.50.
* Rewritten to provide more features. Check the documentation.
* prpl-gg: Fetch the contact list properly (#252).
* Added support for prpl-novell as it was in spectrum1.
* Added support for prpl-novell as it was in Spectrum 1.
* Added Twitter support using Twitter backend. Thanks to Sarang and
Google Summer of Code.
* Log more errors.
* Added new Yahoo backend based on libyahoo2.
* Added new XMPP backend based on Swiften library.
* Skype backend is now deprecated, use libpurple purple-skypeweb plugin
as a replacement.
Backend API:
* Added Python NetworkPlugin class, so it is now easier to write backends
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