Commit 4bb61b98 authored by Vitaly Takmazov's avatar Vitaly Takmazov

Twitter backend: disable DM polling

* Twitter make Direct Message API deprecated, DM polling is disabled until backend upgraded to new API
parent 2e7208d2
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ TwitterPlugin::TwitterPlugin(Config *config, Swift::SimpleEventLoop *loop, Stora
message_timer = m_factories->getTimerFactory()->createTimer(CONFIG_INT_DEFAULTED(config, "twitter.fetch_timeout", 90000));
tweet_timer->onTick.connect(boost::bind(&TwitterPlugin::pollForTweets, this));
message_timer->onTick.connect(boost::bind(&TwitterPlugin::pollForDirectMessages, this));
//message_timer->onTick.connect(boost::bind(&TwitterPlugin::pollForDirectMessages, this));
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