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Changelog update

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Version 2.0.3 (2016-03-xx):
* Swift 3.0rc2 is now minimum Swift 3.x version needed to compile Spectrum2,
Swith 2.x remains supported.
* Rename user when he tries to connect to room from the second client
with different nickname than he used with the first client.
* Send self presence as the first presence from the MUC room.
* Send the icon hash to the backend with other buddies information.
* Send unavailable presence as a response to presence for exiting
the room. Fixes room rejoin in Pidgin.
* Fix memory leak in HTTPRequest - currently used only in Slack frontend.
Slack frontend:
* For IRC allow registering without providing account name/password.
* Do not reconnect to Slack RTM when no URL is available after disconnect.
* Handle "account_inactive" Slack error.
Web interface:
* Show warning when trying to register already registered username.
* Allow registering with empty password for networks like IRC where
password is not needed.
* Allow showing examples of username or server in registration form. This
is configured in config file.
* Fix `service.base_location` setting for register.shtml page.
Libpurple backend:
* Make the conversation active according to chatstates notifications.
Should fix the issue with repeating messages with prpl-facebook.
* When `service.web_directory` and `service.web_url` is set, images sent
in messages are stored to `service.web_directory` and link is forwarded
to the user. Tested only with prpl-facebook for now.
* Treat empty password as fatal error - do no try to reconnect
automatically in that case.
Libcommuni backend:
* Latest libcommuni 3.4.0 is now needed.
* Libcommuni backend has been improved to use the newest libcommuni
* Ports can now be set in `service.irc_server` option and in the JID. When
'+' character is used before the port number, SSL is used automatically.
When port 6697 is used, SSL is used automatically too.
Swiften backend:
* Respect the resource when connecting to 3rd-party XMPP network.
Version 2.0.2 (2016-02-09):
* Fix joining the room when using JID Escaping even for '@' character.
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