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Changelog update

parent f15f5650
Version 2.0.1 (2015-01-25):
Version 2.0.2 (2016-02-xx):
* Fix joining the room when using JID Escaping even for '@' character.
* Fix Raw XML mode - fixes the Swiften backend.
* Allow backends to set avatars to buddies in room - currently no backend
uses it.
* Set the room list per frontend user - this fixes possible information
for networks like Skype or Facebook where the room list is not global
per network.
* Support usage of aliases in the rooms, so backends can use the
network-based UID for the buddies in the room while still setting
user-friendly aliases to them.
XMPP frontend:
* Handle the XMPP VCard changes - updating avatar should work now for
backends supporting it.
Slack frontend:
* Slack frontend is now completely managed by the web interface, old
way of managing (".spectrum2 ..." commands sent to Spectrum 2 bot)
are not supported.
* Slack channels are now created automatically on Slack when you join them
using web-interface. The same applies also to the Main channel.
* Logging has been improved to show the name of Slack team for each log
Libpurple backend:
* Forward the room topic to frontend.
* Fix joining the rooms on networks when the nickname in the room cannot
be changed (Skype or Facebook). Libpurple backend changes your nickname
to the right one in that case.
* Show the buddies aliases in the Facebook rooms instead of Facebook
buddies numbers.
Twitter backend:
* Fix compilation with newer gcc.
Swiften backend:
* Swiften backend works as before the frontends introduction.
Web interface:
* Allow setting "port" and "base_location" in the config file.
* Allow maintaining joined rooms in the Web interface for the Slack
* "[identity] name" config variables is now used as a name of the
Version 2.0.1 (2016-01-25):
* Fix wrong nickname when joining room with some backends.
* Leave room when disconnected from 3rd-party network because of an error.
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